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In recent years, HTPC concept gradually been accepted and IC TLV2231CDBVR and favored by many consumers, there are many brands more than a mini market. In the DIY market, MiniITX motherboard type a lot than before, the chassis also has a larger development, when consumers save HTPC chassis increases the scope for selection. Xun Yang Technology today to give us a "S601B Jiao water charge" chassis, this section deal with the problem of cooling the chassis is better, the chassis is configured with a strong performance at the top of a small quiet fan, when the computer starts to have a strong wind pressure, so that the exclusion of the heat box as soon as possible, following let us look.

TLV2231CDBVR Suppliers

global environment, energy issues become increasingly prominent, and TLV2231CDBVR Suppliers and attracted world attention, the United States, European Union, Japan and other developed countries, represented by the set off the "energy" boom has been a general trend, countries have the energy technology development and promotion of energy-saving products deep thinking. In China, the energy shortage and environmental pollution and the contradiction between rapid economic development is particularly prominent, and the government on resource conservation and environmental protection is also high priority, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" has decided to make "energy conservation" and "reduction" As a binding target. Therefore, the application of energy saving and development of new technologies as "Eleventh Five-Year" key objectives.

TLV2231CDBVR Price

Although the May Day holiday just a short 3-day rest period, which also did not travel all the enthusiasm of Dodge. Green grass on the outskirts of bonuses to the "flat" urban forest outing issued the call for people, stunning dress rehearsal so that everyone looking forward to the Shanghai World Expo. Is to choose the holiday to enjoy the embrace of nature or the nations of the customs at the Expo, I believe we've done the preparation of travel, digital camera, a high-definition DV and TLV2231CDBVR Price and no less, of course, coupled with a high speed, and the use of more convenient memory card, it will certainly add more fun !

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