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China, Beijing, October 11, 2010 today, by 2010 China International Exhibition Center in Beijing China International Exhibition opened, a leading global provider of network terminals, Huawei Terminal portable phone , mobile broadband and IC TLV320DAC23PWR and integrated product line terminal 3 of 9 new blockbuster debut. It contains 5 9 new smart phones, tablet information machine S7 and has a "pocket WiFi", "digital partner," said the next-generation wireless network card E5 series, also include China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, the three network standard. This release of 9 new strategy, adhering to the Huawei terminal consistent pursuit of the "Wise Kan," product concept, to intelligent, user-friendly product experience for users to create simple, joyful life.

TLV320DAC23PWR Suppliers

LM3401 chip is a highly efficient hysteretic PFET switching control devices, can provide a constant series LED drive current, excellent performance can be sure that the output light color stability. The device has adjustable hysteresis window, and TLV320DAC23PWR Suppliers and simplify system design component selection has a strong flexibility. Another advantage of the chip is no need for an external compensation circuitry. The chip can sense LED current regulator, and then the low LED current and the 0.2V feedback voltage compared with each other, eliminating the need for feedback control of the output capacitor can also be constant. LM3401 chip with programmable over-current voltage protection function, but also through the use of DIM input pin for PWM dimming input signal. Package, the chip 8-pin mini SOIC package.

TLV320DAC23PWR Price

It is worth mentioning that, N-GAGEQD keyboard design is very user-friendly, during the course of the game, I felt very smoothly, the direction of cross-shaped key features of the phone interpretation of the game quite place.

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