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The virtual keyboard of the projection device weighs 160g, can not be used outdoors in strong light, priced at 10,000 yen. Panasonic hopes that the sales volume can reach 10,000 per month, and IC TMP35GT9 and after the introduction of mobile phone use in the virtual keyboard.

TMP35GT9 Suppliers

"mobile users to send to a, Unicom users to send to b, PHS users to send to the c ... ..." With the SP access code short messaging services unified, this complex ways come to an end. In accordance with the Ministry of Information Industry of the unified arrangements of this year at 0:00 on December 1, the Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, Netcom, and TMP35GT9 Suppliers and other co-operators all the SPs unified company will use "106" at the beginning of the new code. The move operators, authorities, SP companies and users lead to "a chain reaction."

TMP35GT9 Price

standard articles Can an industry fast, sound development, first, to establish a standard market and TMP35GT9 Price and industry standards. LED industry standards should be based on the product features and LED products have a certain maturity, based on the timely development of a truly consistent with the development of LED industry standards, to play a regulatory market and promote the industry development role. CREE, general manager and from the Tang Guoqing Xiong Yingxiang De Shida, general manager of the companys integration to industry standards and industry resources, the establishment of "vertical integration" of the industrial structure and insights published for the industry, pointing out the direction.

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