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Ic TMS320AV7100PGW

in the series standard features include all products containing the boot code and IC TMS320AV7100PGW and the on-chip software driven 32 KB ROM, 8-channel Universal DMA (GPDMA) controller, two 10-bit ADC and a 10-bit digital to analog converter (sampling rate conversion 400k / s), motor control PWM and quadrature encoder interface , 4 UART, 2 Fast mode I2C, I2S, 2 Ge SSP / SPI, smart card interfaces, four timers, window watchdog timer, alarm timer, with 256 bytes of battery-powered backup register low RTC power and up to 80 general purpose I / O pins.

TMS320AV7100PGW Suppliers

LPC1800 timer subsystem can be configured with a state machine timers, including arrays, support a variety of complex functions, including event-controlled PWM waveform generation, ADC synchronization and TMS320AV7100PGW Suppliers and dead time control. The timer subsystem for embedded designers increased flexibility for power conversion, lighting and motor applications, multiple applications to create user-defined waveforms and control signals.

TMS320AV7100PGW Price

SPI using four architecture in the new serial Flash memory the advantage of rapid adoption, NXP was first introduced seamless high-speed interface, with almost all four SPI SPI and TMS320AV7100PGW Price and manufacturers realize the connection. SPI interface with four-channel high-speed memory devices, each channels rate of up to 80 Mbps, the chip data and code execution speed is much higher than the on-chip memory.

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