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Ic TMS320BC51PQA57

Today I visited a friend in the author of I also brought some graphics accessories all commonplace: 6Pin the power cord and IC TMS320BC51PQA57 and the DVI-VGA adapter ... but specifically, that these attachments are friends brutally dismembered.

TMS320BC51PQA57 Suppliers

The program consists of equipment: RF vector signal source, RF vector signal analyzer, audio analyzer and TMS320BC51PQA57 Suppliers and communication power, in addition to couplers and RF transceiver switch arrays and other equipment, they can end the calibration of the RF transceiver, RF transceiver test, audio test terminals, power supply testing a one-stop four overall tests. The program can be independent of the model constraints, to provide TD-SCDMA, GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11b / g), DVB, GPS and other modes of one-stop testing. Figure 1 is to use the Keithley 2910 Vector Signal Generator, Vector Signal Analyzer 2810, 2306 pairs of channel power and the 2015 audio analyzer built test cases. The traditional test speed tester is limited in the air signaling, in terms of means testing for the manufacturers cost of the increase. As the air signaling the wireless communication, mobile phone software is actually the problem is, I believe that the production does not require rigorous validation testing, and should focus on the performance of the hardware features on the phone. As part of the alternative signaling that the program requires manufacturers to provide the physical layer chip (L1) control command set, and through the computer interface to control the device under test. Use high-speed signal source and analyzer, can break through the bottleneck of the speed equipment to make the program almost only depends on the speed test DUT response time, in the production line for maximum test throughput for manufacturers to improve testing efficiency and reduce testing costs. The current high-end precision signal source and analyzer were higher than those of a grade tester, enabling high-precision test and increase test reliability and reduce the false positive rate, thereby improving test efficiency and reduce cost of test. that is needed with a variety of portable devices 1W power output, but also can set the circuit more a chip inside the NJU7086, ideal for portable DVD, portable TV, PND and other .

TMS320BC51PQA57 Price

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