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4G systems may result in the semiconductor industry to a whole new way to think about System on Chip (SoC) architecture. 4G systems may result in the semiconductor industry to a whole new way to think about System on Chip (SoC) architecture. TC6990 is available now, one thousand approved purchase price of $ 1.55 per tablet. Other TimerBlox device will be launched next month.

TMS320C25FNL Suppliers

NEC Electronics today announced the industrys smallest class is said to DPDT switch IC μPG2164T5N, and TMS320C25FNL Suppliers and has begun sample shipments. The product is for 2.4GHz Frequency Bands of the IEEE802.11b / g and 5GHz Frequency Bands of the IEEE802.11a wireless LAN and other support equipment used in parts of the signal transceiver antenna switch. The product is the use of GaAs technology HJFET (hetero junction field effect transistor) structure. HJFET to improve the company successfully be embedded into a small package. Compared with previous products, the installation area is reduced 75%, thickness by 50%. According to reports, when the insertion loss of signal through the product than before 40% reduction in the frequency of the insertion losses, relative to the signal control 2.5GHz 0.5dB, compared to 6GHz signal control in 0.7dB. Current consumption as the standard 0.1μA. Packages for the 6-pin TSON. Sample price 80 yen. The company plans to begin in July 2006 to produce 300,000 of the scale of mass production scale in 2007 to produce 1 million.

TMS320C25FNL Price

Panasonic Electric Works has introduced a compact sealed contacts 300A power relay. The relay contact form 1 Form A, the enclosed structure and TMS320C25FNL Price and magnetic arc motion can be used as high-voltage switch under 400Vdc. The 300A EV off the relay in the high current contact still has a high reliability and low operating noise, sealing contact with hydrogen, which has a stable resistance. In addition, the device also has a small size, light weight and other characteristics.

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