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Ic TMS320C32PCM50

MSO4000 series redefined the way digital waveform view is very simple to use. Problems faced by mixed-signal oscilloscope is large enough to enlarge the digital track to remain flat on the screen, then how to determine the data is 1 or 0. MSO4000 trajectory distribution for the digital color code, displayed a green, blue 0. Has a number of change detection hardware, the system detects more than conversion, the user can see a white edge on the display, the white edge that by zooming in or collect data at a faster sampling rate, for more information.

TMS320C32PCM50 Suppliers

in the embedded design, the increasing complexity of the system to bring a unique testing challenges, MSO4000 Series mixed signal oscilloscopes added 16 digital channels, which Channel tightly integrated into the oscilloscopes user interface, simplifying operation. Use of the product can be viewed on a Tektronix analog signals and TMS320C32PCM50 Suppliers and digital signals. It has a parallel bus triggering and analysis and logic triggering, MagniVu 60.6 ps technology provides a more precise time resolution, set individual thresholds for each channel, multi-channel setup time and hold time-triggered, and to support next-generation digital waveform display.

TMS320C32PCM50 Price

Li Chunqing the companys chairman, said the high cost of the test equipment in general, the limited purchasing power of many companies, so engineers had to take turns using a test instrument, leading to the development cycle extension, and TMS320C32PCM50 Price and technology developed by Wong Jing portable test equipment can be achieved in the performance of typical desktop has been the effect of measuring instruments, the price is relatively cheaper. In the design development time for engineers to configure a staff, which to some extent, shorten the development cycle. And its size is very small, easy to carry, but also for engineers on-site to solve the problem.

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