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Ic TMS320C32PCM60

Later this year, in the prototype chip fabricated by the foundry and IC TMS320C32PCM60 and the successful tests, IMEC plans to build a complete wideband SDR transceiver reference design. Mobile software-defined radio prototype will also be multi-mode forward error correction. IMEC also be able to demonstrate the complete chip development of cognitive radio functionality of the software (cognitive radio frequency bands available to monitor traffic, and always switch the transmitter and receiver parameters to avoid interference and radio frequency band to optimize the use and efficiency).

TMS320C32PCM60 Suppliers

It is reported that compared with traditional lighting technologies, LED lighting has the advantage of super energy saving, known as the "new light source for lighting the 21st century", is also Chinas " Eleventh Five-Year Plan "as a priority development projects in the energy sector. SFT This developed into the worlds largest power LED lights, is the basis of absorbing international advanced technology research and TMS320C32PCM60 Suppliers and development on the self-made, single lamp power can reach 480W, maximum luminous efficiency up to 84lm / W, new products are patented light management devices, and lighting design, street lighting, area shape rules, illumination uniformity, and to inhibit the glare, but also has higher light extraction efficiency, and fully meet the requirements of modern road lighting design. Application of three-chamber and the product patent structure technology, LED light source within the lamp and LED drive control circuit to set a separate closed chamber volume is set to make LED light source and drive control circuit without increasing the distance between the case of heat conduction is not direct, and enhance The stability of the circuit to further increase the service life of the lamp. It is understood that the history of Ford production of LED-240W and LED-480W lamp, the lighting, shading effects have been more than 400W, 800W high pressure sodium lamps. At the same time, the new photovoltaic technology to eliminate the flat-plate photovoltaic battery pack can not avoid the "heat island effect", extending the life of the battery plate; two years It also has a field proven wind resistant, shock features.

TMS320C32PCM60 Price

1 tons of silicon photovoltaic cell manufacturing to consumption of raw materials from 300,000 to 500,000 kWh of electricity, a solar battery produced electricity during its life it is only manufacturing film photovoltaic cells are 3 to 4 times the power consumption, "and several times the ratio concentrator technology can be increased to more than 10 times."

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