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Ic TMS320DM310GHK21

in the field of automotive electronics, NEC Electronics now has some mature applications, including powertrain, chassis, safety, body, and IC TMS320DM310GHK21 and in-car entertainment and information system bus, and so on. IIC 2008 at this stage in the main application will be presented, including the instrument panel MCU, car audio products and vehicle control system products.

TMS320DM310GHK21 Suppliers

IDC for the third quarter of 2006, storage systems and TMS320DM310GHK21 Suppliers and software markets in the survey. Report, EMC in the external disk storage systems grew faster than all other manufacturers, its 2006 third-quarter sales soared 18% last year, reaching 927 million U.S. dollars, the market share from 20% to 21.4%. In the storage software, EMC also expanded its lead revenue growth of 10.3% YoY, reaching 699 million (including new software license and maintenance revenue) to 28.5% market share in the first place.

TMS320DM310GHK21 Price

polysilicon materials, the current mainstream of Chinas polysilicon production process is modified Siemens. According to report, the principle that Siemens is about 1100 ℃ high purity silicon core to restore the purity of high purity trichlorosilane to produce polycrystalline silicon deposited on the silicon core; and TMS320DM310GHK21 Price and modified Siemens process is the basis of the traditional Siemens process on, along with energy conservation, energy, recycling, the production process with a large number of by-products produced as well as supporting a large number of process-product heat. Most manufacturers are the world production of polysilicon by the improved Siemens.

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