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Ic TMS320VC5410PGE-100

New products can supply 20 single-chip LED power and IC TMS320VC5410PGE-100 and adjust the brightness, the production of the coils with the company, with a portfolio of power semiconductor ways to promote the proposal. Production capacity expansion next year, before the fall of 10 times the current 50 million units. In addition, the process will be improved to reduce costs. Front-end semiconductor manufacturing process is responsible for a subsidiary of Tateyama Line circuit Device Fu wafer production will be converted to 0.35 micron 0.64 micron. Hope that through miniaturization, improve production efficiency and product features. Products will be more subtle circuit foundry active use of external technical and production capacity.

TMS320VC5410PGE-100 Suppliers

Allegedly, Sharp has already set a specific program, is about to Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture, the first factory Kameyama old production-line transfer of all production equipment on the radio and TMS320VC5410PGE-100 Suppliers and television, while providing technical process, the latter commissioned for production. The plant is a major production of small and medium panel 6 generation production line (floor size is 1850mm × 1500mm, can be cut into 26-inch LCD TV panels 12, or 32-inch 8 or 37 inches 6), while the second Kameyama plant the production of the 8th generation LCD panel line (floor size is 2160mm × 2400mm, the main cut into 40-inch or larger LCD TV panels can be cut into 46-inch LCD TV panel 8, or 50-inch six, can also be cut to 32 18-inch LCD TV panels, but cut into 32-inch LCD TV panel costs higher.)

TMS320VC5410PGE-100 Price

Previously, China Unicom, general manager Wang Yingpei value-added services have been disclosed, China Unicom has been testing in some areas, "one key" service (Pushtotalk referred to as PTT), have to wait after dialing the phone compared to the "PTT" press the call button can be switched on after 3 seconds, the delay also speak to 1 seconds, close to the professional radio.

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