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Ic TMS320VC5416GGU160

science and IC TMS320VC5416GGU160 and technology is an exciting process, every piece of Science and Technology Museum exhibits and educational activities are included for each of the human search for laws of nature, the achievements of innovative practice. General to carry out scientific and technological exhibition hall as the main way through the audience, and exhibits, and educational exchange activities to stimulate their enthusiasm for exploring technology to make people more fully experience the technology, understand the technology, and thus join the ranks in the scientific and technological innovation. Conform to modern technology, Science and Technology Museum introduced advanced automatic fare collection (AFC) system to "ensure the safety, quality service" commitment, to visit here to meet a wider audience.

TMS320VC5416GGU160 Suppliers

If the global new car factory, automotive electronics and TMS320VC5416GGU160 Suppliers and automotive IC market growth rate to compare, more can be seen that the growth of automotive IC market quickly. The number of new vehicles manufactured worldwide each year about 6,000 million or so, look at annual growth rate of about 1 ~ 3%, the overall slowdown in the automotive market; but the relative growth of automotive electronics market rate of about 2 to 5% , and in automotive IC market growth rate of about 4% to 7%; If the three compound annual growth rate (CAGR) compared to 2010 vehicles in 2006 IC market CAGR of 8.7%, vehicle e 3.2%, while the new car factory was 1.3%, can be seen from these data, although the overall global annual growth rate of new car factory is not big, but as a vehicle driven by electronic market, jointly and severally make the car market with IC higher growth rate, but also to understand the car can be among the IC in the vehicle penetration rate.

TMS320VC5416GGU160 Price

ZOTAC 9800GTX 55nm of the G92 graphics core used in the hardware specifications with the G92-420-A2 core of the same, with 128 stream processors, 16 raster processor, and TMS320VC5416GGU160 Price and process improvement will increase the core of the electrical properties, the default core / Shader clock speeds to 738MHz/1836MHz. Also supports DirectX10, SM4.0 and OpenGL2.1 technology to support PCI-Express2.0 bus standards and built-in PureVideoHD2 video decoding engine, easily the full hardware HD video decoding, graphics card also supports HDCP and HDMI output. Memory chips used 0.8nsGDDR3 memory, 512MB/256bit the memory specifications, the default frequency of 2200MHz.

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