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Ic TMS320VC549PGE100

3.09 years, thin film technology will become a mature technology. 2009, CdTe manufacturer First Solar has always ranked first in the professional list, becoming the leader in the field of technical sales, sales of the technology in 2009 accounted for 25% of all sales, this is the first time ever, create a new record.

TMS320VC549PGE100 Suppliers

2. Confusing installation of photovoltaic power generation capacity. In early 2009, according to market demand, the worlds photovoltaic power generation had about 2 gigawatts installed inventory, annual sales of about 4.8-4.9 gigawatts, compared with last year dropped by 11% -12%, while the installed capacity was exceeded sales of about 1 -2 gigawatts, nearly 6 gigawatts.

TMS320VC549PGE100 Price

1. Module prices, such as ride the "roller coaster." In 2009, for 5 consecutive years of rising solar modules to keep prices suddenly declined sharply, the average price of $ 3.25 in 2008 dropped to $ 1.90, to the end of 2009, or even a $ 1.40/Wp cheap, but this benefit The price to benefit from the larger enterprises, other enterprises are still under tremendous pressure to buy.

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