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Now, from Yahoo, Microsoft announced the acquisition of two months had passed, when Microsoft proposed a premium of 62% per share, amounting to 44.6 billion dollars to buy Yahoo, thereby creating a new Internet empire. But Yahoo has been the official attitude of refusal on the grounds that the price "seriously underestimated" the value of Yahoo.

TMS380SRAFNL Suppliers

and TMS380SRAFNL Suppliers and Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Hitachi, Toshiba, Philips flat-panel TVs and other European giants Japan and South Korea is still on the fence about home appliances, has not yet formally in home appliances.


S9 also absorb a large number of MP3's "classic" features included support for synchronous FM, you enjoy the radio programs broadcast at the same time, which can also be interested in taking part to repeated listening. If it is difficult to obtain music source, you can use the FM radio recording function S9, access their favorite music. S9 built using high-performance microphones, recording medium or the content of the meeting, recording the superb sensitivity that allows the user to fully comprehend the S9 excels in this regard. Features through firmware upgrades, we can further improve the functionality of the S9, so you walk in the forefront of fashion. Through the Line-In feature, you can directly to CD, Tape, Radio and TMS380SRAFNL Price and other audio devices with different voice directly to MP3 format music transcription to S9, you can more easily, with a unique way to get MP3 files. In addition, synchronous lyrics display and playback speed adjustment and other high-end features have been fully joined the mainstream. S9 in the well-equipped with SRS, WOW and other 3D sound allows us to fully enjoy the MSC's unique audio processing technology to bring top the wonderful acoustics. In addition, S9 there is a trick, is that it can support the latest OGG file playback format that allows you smaller file can get better sound quality.

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