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Ic TMS4256-15NL

SiS168 can be easily and IC TMS4256-15NL and SiS has launched a series of digital single-chip LCD TV system any with the use, such as the SiS328, SiS329, and follow-up system, a new generation of digital single-chip LCD TV products, but also can be used with third-party TV chip suppliers to improve the image quality of dynamic video; SiS168 will accept input from a single low-voltage differential signal (Single-link LVDS) for WXGA input signal or dual-channel low-voltage differential input signal (Dual-link LVDS) Full-HD high-resolution input signal, and the screen after the data signal output fine to support dual-channel low-voltage differential signal (Dual-link LVDS) or four-channel low-voltage differential signaling (Quad-link LVDS) 100Hz/120Hz frame rate of the TFT LCD TV panel. SiS168 and can detect 50Hz/60Hz frame rate in the LCD panel to play 24 or 30 frames per second frame (24fps or 30fps) arising from the screen and it eliminates the jitter problem. In addition, SiS168 SiS also built exclusive original digital image processing engine (DNVETM) to provide the best color processing capabilities, its flexible enough to enhance the conversion of the color image display performance.

TMS4256-15NL Suppliers

Yinlips Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on multimedia development and TMS4256-15NL Suppliers and production of high-tech enterprises. From the early days of the company to attach great importance to product development, and adhere to the product-oriented technology to build closer to the consumer product line. The company's innovative business ideas, beautiful office environment, spacious modern factory buildings, extensive product line, strict quality control, brand influence at home and abroad, all for the further development of the company's hardware and software has laid a solid foundation.

TMS4256-15NL Price

December 22 Sunworld Hotel in Beijing at the Canon Photography Competition will be assessed University gathered many of China's elite photographers: The "Chinese Photography" magazine editor Dan-Wen, Ying Arts Centre CEO and TMS4256-15NL Price and Artistic Director of that day and the art critic and curator loose Baokun concept art as judges; Xinhua Photo News and Information Center, chief market analyst Huang, the State Council Information Office Photo Gallery (CFP) editor Chai Jijun and "China Youth Daily "Image feature documentary category, Director He Yanguang as judges; well-known commercial photographer Master Xing, Beijing University of Art and Design, Professor Li Shaojie and Canon consumer products China Limited Asia headquarters imaging information professional market planning Toshihiko Yamamoto, General Manager as the application of photography class assessment Committee. At the same time, to fully realize the Photographic Competition "fair, just and open" principle, on-site professional media photographers were invited to observe the selection will make selection process more transparent. This year is particularly worth mentioning is that the entire selection process will be assessed, using advanced electronic voting system, making the selection process more fair and efficient.

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