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Ic TN0200T-T1

Another important mobile phone production in the first quarter of this year a total area of Huizhou products exported 19.8 million mobile phones, the value of $ 1,000,000,000 , respectively, over the same period in 2009 increased 65% and IC TN0200T-T1 and 56 %

TN0200T-T1 Suppliers

China Mobile for PC manufacturers to subsidize netbooks, will likely make the market for each of the retail price of Internet access down to 2,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan or even below, the price even more than the price of a mid-range phone is even lower. Faced with such a low price, IT distributors how to achieve their own interests?

TN0200T-T1 Price

Elite A770M-A motherboard is still continuing the style of the purple PCB, ATX form factor design. Northbridge using AMD770 (RX780) Chipset, Southbridge is SB600. Support AM2 and TN0200T-T1 Price and AM2 slot for AMDPhenom and Athlon64FX/Athlon64X2 series processors, with 4 memory slots, support DDR21066Mhz memory, maximum support to 32GB.

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