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Ic TN80C188EB20

According to foreign media reports, the analyst has of the 2009 global chip market trends to predict that the loss of two years, AMD has been expected to achieve profitability next year, while Nvidia will face the most serious challenge ever .

TN80C188EB20 Suppliers

semiconductor lighting speed of development is basically a light-emitting efficiency every 18 months increased by 50%, costs fell 1 times. Semiconductor lighting program from the U.S. road map to know, in 2007 and TN80C188EB20 Suppliers and gradually into the white LED general lighting market. 2010, part of the white LED to replace fluorescent lighting into the home, including the main market. Lighting applications in the semiconductor market in China has already overtaken the United States in 2010 I believe lighting in the home occupy a larger market share.

TN80C188EB20 Price

this is expected in the 3D TV standard, first 3D image quality with excellent dynamic performance capabilities and TN80C188EB20 Price and rich lifelike color reproduction. Can see that in the first place the two, still in use for evaluation 2D LCD TV. That is, on the 3D TV picture quality with the 2D play a decisive role in the television, is the core imaging - advantages and disadvantages of panel technology and performance. For the above two points, IPS hard screen television has been generally understood and recognized, in particular, before the eye due to be certified to prove difficult to cause visual fatigue and get the public reputation, already hard-screen LCD TV IPS laid a market advantage.

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