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acquisition of Siemens mobile phones business, BenQ Mobile is headquartered in Munich, Germany. For launch, "BenQ - Siemens" brand mobile phone news, late last year has been a source revealed. BenQ's handset business is currently still at a loss, the company's plans into profitable as early as possible, and IC TNETD7300GDU and in 2008 accounted for about 10% of the global handset market share. (End )

TNETD7300GDU Suppliers

Chinese version of HD-DVD prototype was finally unveiled last weekend mystery, but also launched "Chinas high-definition optical disc industry alliance", involving high-definition DVD industry chain alliance of hardware and TNETD7300GDU Suppliers and software vendors, content providers. Chinese version of HD-DVD officially named CH-DVD (ChinaHighDefinitionDVD). Union 5 show prototype HD-DVD were made by the TCL, Haier, backgammon and Tsinghua Tong Fang, a sub-technology production.

TNETD7300GDU Price

At the time, there are only black and TNETD7300GDU Price and white screen PalmsizePC, CPU and only 75MHz or less, the memory is only 16MB or less, ugly point, only barely 'crawl' WindowsCE (can only say that 'crawl', not considered 'row '). Has been conscientious, but was released for Palmsize, or is the first PDA to use for Mp3 player software-Xaudio, although the body was only a mono headset, but at least the MP3 into the PDA world .

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