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Digital age, data transmission performance requirements continue to increase, making a wide range of storage products and IC TOP201YAI and updates are constantly born, SSD, as we use every day alternative to traditional hard drives, hard drives are made into the same traditional shape, and set compatible interface. Surface has a wide range of applications at the same time, substantially increased the disk read and write speed. This is what we often say that the solid-state hard drive. Kingston (Kingston) 64G2.5-inch SATA-2 interfaces (SNV125-S2BD/64GB) SSD solid state drive now offer 989 yuan

TOP201YAI Suppliers

Wolfson Microelectronics plc has announced an innovative number WM2002 stereo headphone driver, which is the worlds first commercial application of environmental noise can eliminate (ANC) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) . With the Wolfson WM2002 digital environment myZone revolutionary noise cancellation (ANC) technology that will ensure that the global electronics manufacturers to provide consumers with cost-effective for the mainstream market, with noise cancellation headphones and TOP201YAI Suppliers and headset.

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From the model point of view, D80 with a dedicated battery grip, make up the shortage in this area D70S. The WT-3D200/D80 wireless accessories should be able to use the D200 and TOP201YAI Price and D80, from this analysis, D80 D200 certain inherited a lot of features. This gives us the performance of the D80's body is full of expectations. August 7, according to foreign media reports, the news from Apple insiders said the launch of Apple's iPod is evaluating the feasibility of mobile phones, but the short term will not be listed.

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