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LED light source of heat, wind turbine technology has been a traditional powerless, LED is a cold light source, not to say that no heat LED at work, only refers to the spectrum without infrared and IC TOP222Y and ultraviolet full, does not allow its innate characteristics of high-temperature one, for now, LEDs energy efficiency is not high, although the luminous efficiency is high, there is considerable emission of heat from the chip, but also for how much must be degrees Celsius will be exported.

TOP222Y Suppliers

LED light source projector, in addition to reflect the domestic cost of the projector are not well the advantage of cost-effective, the cooling technology is also very difficult to find a solution to balance things, not the cooling solution is not good, but who pay to solve the problem, of course, you can also go to system cost.

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MII December 29, 2007 from January to November last year announced major economic indicators of the domestic software industry, the first 11 months of software revenue 496.8 billion yuan, up 20% over the previous 10 month growth rate reduced by 1 percentage point. Of course, with continuous investment in research, these problems will not be a problem, I believe in the future, LED projectors will have a broad prospect.

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