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For The spot checks found that the quality problems, the Guangdong Product Quality and IC TOP225YN and Technical Supervision has ordered deadline for corrective actions failed enterprises, and to recover substandard products, the product of serious enterprise does not meet the standards for investigation according to law. At the same time, product quality analysis will be held, invite the relevant experts to explain to the person in charge of corporate quality requirements of product quality, substandard products to help manufacturers identify problems, analyze the reasons for product failure to develop and to urge enterprises to implement corrective measures. In addition, failure to increase supervision and checking of product quality tracking efforts to regulate the market, and promote business enterprises to improve product quality. Epson Toyocom Corporation announced the commercial production of new SG-211S * E series of small high-precision clock oscillator ordinary (SPXO), this section 2.5mm × 2.0mm small quartz crystal oscillator can support 1.8V low voltage and high temperature 90 ℃.

TOP225YN Suppliers

xcess solar energy the world has a lot of money into the manufacture of solar modules, making the capacity utilization rate to 40%. Is an example of the global storage capacity utilization to nearly 90% of the money when it is almost impossible to increase production capacity of the lesson. Because the memory a few years ago too much capacity expansion, and TOP225YN Suppliers and market and promote the sales price of memory dropped to below cost price, resulting in higher capacity utilization to 90%, even when they can not achieve profitability.

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. The sub-prime crisis is clearly still iggest concern is the global macroeconomic situation, especially in the U.S. housing and TOP225YN Price and mortgage situation. Reported last week that U.S. home sales rise, do not be too sure of this fact. Every summer is always room for increased sales. At the same time interest rates began to rise, because many can not be extended to pay the bills paid, resulting in a new round of borrowing popular, this time with the 2007 subprime crisis and signs of the same. But this is not a very interesting situation last year, which will lead to a large number of banks such as like last years bad debts. So worried that the subprime crisis during the period 209-2010 to repeat itself.

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