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CEO Rui Zhang Wei told the "IT Times" reporter, beginning in 2009 in cooperation with China Telecoms CDMA market, VIA open up the situation in the country has laid a good foundation. "Our customers are number from 30 in 2008 soared to 70 in 2009, this year is expected to be close to one hundred. VIA chip solutions with the number of terminals increased from 85 models 252, 2009, our market share has reached an unprecedented 30% of the total chip shipments have been more than 40 million. Light year 1 to 5 months, VIA Telecoms chip shipments had been more than 10 million. " Who will be the strategy with an edge to succeed in the mobile processors? Future of mobile phone architecture dominated by Intel or ARM?

TOP233YN Suppliers

with the ARM microprocessor intellectual property and TOP233YN Suppliers and its partners worked continuously for 18 months to finalize a product category, fill between notebooks and smart phones, portable devices blank. Meanwhile, Intel the worlds largest chip makers, is also considering what kind of product to fill this gap, and they have been talking about ultra-mobile personal computers (Ultra mobile personal computer) the term, even as the UMPC platform (Ultra Mobile PC platform). Meanwhile, Apple has to be outdone, in 2007, introduced the iPhone.

TOP233YN Price

Lighting Association data from China shows that in the LED industry chain, epitaxial wafers and TOP233YN Price and chips accounted for 70% of the profits, while the LED encapsulation and application are only 30 % of the profits. This means that if you do not achieve a breakthrough in the upstream, domestic enterprises are only 30% of the profits of which share a small cup of soup. Home Long still believe that China will continue to accelerate the growth of design projects. "There are two reasons." He said, "China has become the worlds largest IC consumer market, $ 250,000,000,000, we take 700 billion. In addition, where engineering talent is also a rapid increase in ."

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