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NXP Semiconductors (NXPSemiconductors) today announced that NXP SSL2102 dimming with IC to become American International Lighting Fair 2010 (LFI) Innovation Award. NXP is four were identified as lighting products LFI design and IC TOP244P and technical innovation of the company leaders, one of the reasons is the award-winning technology has made in the lighting industry's most visionary progress. LFI has been in the May 11 press release announced all the winners.

TOP244P Suppliers

pper house of parliament Bundestag in Germany recently passed a motion to approve the use of information through the Internet to make a wall outlet power lines and TOP244P Suppliers and transmission technology. Federal Parliament passed the motion to vote in the broadcast band for the future through the power line within the paved road. The bill also agreed that in 2010 television signals, radio transmission standard in 2015 were fully realized digital, they are the band will also be connected to the Internet business.

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Thus seen, LED packaging part of the technical requirements is very high. Xing Qibin explained, for LED packaging companies, our core technologies including the use of thermal simulation of optical simulation and TOP244P Price and fast optimization of lead frame (stent) structure, application structure and process of light reflection patented technology to maximize efficiency and reduce the thermal resistance to improve light-emitting and efficient LED emitted light to be injected into the light guide to reduce the number of customers to use the LED lights, cost 20% to 30%; key technology used in the case without reducing brightness, LED color-rendering index of 85 or more, color reproduction extremely good; in the package phase, strict material selection, proper equipment a reasonable set of key parameters, using the new plastic injection process, optimized with the chip and phosphor, the phosphor of the sedimentation rate control changes and the standing time after dispensing, white products customers can achieve 96% compliance rate over the color area quickly to meet customer's individual requirements and brightness.

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