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WitsView 4 top ten saw global shipments of LCD monitor brands survey, total shipments in April, about 1,122 million units, representing a decline of 2.6 percent in March, mainly due to panel Stock prices fell after the decline in value may result in loss; on the other hand, the recent euro by credit crisis continued large depreciation against the U.S. dollar, making the distributors of the purchase cost increases, the strength of end market consumption has slowed down, facing upward pressure on inventory levels, Therefore, inventory adjustment is 5 June brands focus of the work.

TOP246YN Suppliers

Gartner analyst Raphael Vasquez said: "The small power market will be more competitive show the impact of ultra-low voltage products, mobile computer prices fell and TOP246YN Suppliers and consumer preferences will affect. "He then pointed out:" some consumers to buy only small amounts of electricity for the price factor. many consumers now buy price curve is located in the lower edge of the upper edge of the small rather than electricity. "

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small amounts of electricity to maintain rapid growth in shipments, but when the second market is mature then, its growth has shown signs of slowing down the signs. Global netbook shipments preliminary estimates suggest that by 2010 will reach 4,180 million units, with 3,210 million in 2009 compared to a full growth of 30%. Small amounts of electricity by 2010 will account for the computer operations 18.6% of total shipments, but this year will show a steady decline in market share following the trend in the mobile computer market in 2014 the proportion had fallen to 13.9%.

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