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Ic TP3054J

Edit Comment: Nokia E52 into the market as a business phone, the majority of business people love, and IC TP3054J and the aircraft also joined the 3G and WiFi, this is more like people, allows users to Friends In a busy network of spare time to enjoy the pleasure of 3G.

TP3054J Suppliers

LDS8620 logical interface EN / SET interface uses a common industry protocol to configure a single circuit or two LED [A / B] output, and TP3054J Suppliers and set the LED flashlight ( or video mode) or full-flash operation. It is built of 6-bit current control settings to provide 1.5 mA LED current resolution, amount of current from the 0.5 to 96 milliamperes. Single-circuit LED settings / control interface for folding mobile phone is very practical, because of their high power LED and LED driver hub in the opposite fold.

TP3054J Price

In accordance with the agreement, the Ministry of Industry and TP3054J Price and Information Technology will fully support the OLED industry in Guangdong to promote the application of model to carry out independent innovation, industrial chain and the strengthening of organizational personnel training, etc., and Guangdong, relying on support of the rainbow, Medium, Macro Wei, Shun Lee and a number of leading projects, the first to promote the demonstration and application of OLED products, to explore suitable for China's flat panel display industry development model.

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