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Can be seen from the model name is specifically designed for overclocking, Colorful, according to official sources, this battle flag C.P45X5D3 overclocked version is based on the original version of the improved design senki C.P45X5D3 and IC TPA0211DGNR and the introduction of "X dual-core" overclocking technology, which is an industry first technology. In addition, it has been optimized for PCB circuit design, mainly for the CPU, north bridge and DDR3 memory, high-frequency signal lines. We work together to find out.

TPA0211DGNR Suppliers

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) introduced a button on / off controller - LTC2950, for DC / DC converters, processor interrupt logic and TPA0211DGNR Suppliers and adjustable on / off timer to provide start control. The device solves all the mechanical contact with the rebound on the inherent problems, while after the power is fully powered, you can also activate the power converter and the release of the processor. Power outage, LTC2950 interrupts the system processor to alert the processor to perform the necessary power and housekeeping tasks; system to complete the disconnect operation, the LTC2950 can be ordered immediate ban on supply.

TPA0211DGNR Price

SSD solid state drive storage devices is undoubtedly one of the times change, the original machinery and TPA0211DGNR Price and equipment into the pure electronic devices, making storage devices read and write speed increased significantly. But in the course of performance by the physical size of solid-state hard drive again and the data interface constraints, making performance and capacity has again been restricted, the source subjects to change routine release new SSD, PCIE interface, using more bandwidth, making the performance and capacity for further enhanced solid-state hard drive full potential.

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