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At the same time, HD5000 series graphics cards to join the next generation of audio output, support for AC-3, AAC audio format and IC TPS2202AIDFLE and also supports DolbyTureHD and DTS-HD Blu-ray films of two commonly used sub-era of audio formats, so that HD can play video full upgrade.

TPS2202AIDFLE Suppliers

DisplaySearch is expected to fall once the cost can quickly and TPS2202AIDFLE Suppliers and manufacturers to continue their line of LCD TV production technology from the older CCFL technology transfer to the new technology, LED LCD TV 2010 LCD TV shipments will be the bulk, from 20% in 2010 upward to 2011 is expected to more than 50% of LCD TV shipments will be LED backlight module technology.


Products currently on the market most of the key words or digital images are expected in the shell surface coating, the coating directly to do so has the advantage of simple technology and TPS2202AIDFLE Price and low cost; but for games such key operation mainly based products, if left exposed directly to the screen, long-term friction and writing will disappear, in order to resolve this conflict, Venus design team chose the light transmission in particular an excellent and extremely strong special polymer plastic materials, the precision injection molding manufacturing; the same time, the contents of the screen printed on the keys clever bottom. This will ensure the clarity of the screen writing and never fall off, while the micro-arc is always key for crystal-clear, Smart Key with the appearance of enhanced JXD1000 quality.

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