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DRAM Exchange, according to market research companys survey, in 2009, the traditional laptop SSD hard drives on the market rate is only 1-1.5% only, while the SSD hard drive in the low-end market share is also less than 10%. This phenomenon is due to 16Gb/32Gb NAND flash memory prices. The first half of this specification the continuous rise in the price of flash memory, but the resulting profit margins naturally reduced.

TPS3809K33DBVR Suppliers

2009 WLAN NIC in the first quarter of the total output value of 4,230 million U.S. dollars to 400 million, representing a sharp decline over the same period in 2008 29.8%, compared with the previous quarter also fell 9.9% ; 11n shipments due to higher unit price rose significantly to 44.8% share, making the WLAN NIC shipment industry, the overall average unit price of 12.3 U.S. dollars is still the standard, only the $ 12.8 the previous quarter fell 4.4%.

TPS3809K33DBVR Price

in fact, already said to be released Asus Windows version of the Eee PC. An Asus "unknown", revealed to reporters that "for the original Eee PC with Linux systems just to save costs. But after the release of Eee PC, Microsoft initiative to contact us to provide the Windows XP system." Confirmed that the unnamed person, Microsoft provided to the Asus system is Microsoft Windows XP specifically designed for the emerging market version. ASUS has come up and TPS3809K33DBVR Price and actually installed the Windows XP "informal" version of Eee PC.

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