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Ministry of Information Industry data also show, including Huawei, ZTE, Haier, etc., "e-Hundred" enterprises this year, from 1 to 5 months to achieve a total profit of 4.8 billion yuan, down 53%, of which the top 10 companies in six profits dropped significantly, three losses, including loss of 515 million BOE, profit fell 181%; TCL Groups loss of 1.08 billion, profits fell 266%; on Radio totaled only 16.64 million profit, down 97.52%; Konka Group profit fell 44%. last year, a Japanese production of large-capacity capacitor enterprises to enter under the umbrella of Taiyo Yuden. Therefore, we have a higher capacity than the capacitance of ceramic capacitors, can provide a low volume to high volume from all the capacitor suppliers.

TPS54310PWPR Suppliers

Communications, industrial and TPS54310PWPR Suppliers and embedded computer industry standards organizations PIC icroTCA backplane connector system meets MTCA.3 auxiliary specification MIL-ST Palace Chuanyou Governance: TDK recent acquisitions, the purpose is to increase share in automotive electronics. Now we are in the field of automotive sales less, I believe the future will expand sales in this area.

TPS54310PWPR Price

According to reports, the annual Economic and TPS54310PWPR Price and Social Survey of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, one of the main report, the Asia Pacific region is the oldest and most comprehensive economic Social Development Report. special correspondent: Recently, TDKs acquisition of a large German manufacturer of electronic components, EPCOS, the acquisition of Taiyo Yuden have any effect? What is your future strategy will be taken?

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