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(Reuters electronic market) share of global market share of one third of the power semiconductor diode and IC TPS65021RHAR and thyristor module leading manufacturer Semikron Electronics Co., Ltd., recently settled in China. Yesterday, the companys China headquarters office staff to the "Daily News" said that the current production base in the Pearl River across the board production line has been activated. British market research firm IMS based study, SEMIKRON power modules in the leading position within the field, in the European market share as high as 34%. Among them, the smart module, thyristor and diode modules is important fields. Last year, Semikron sales in China up 40%, making the company pay more attention to the Chinese market. As a first step in the development of the Chinese localization, some of Semikron diode / thyristor power device production has been transferred to the production facility in Zhuhai. The current production base in Zhuhai across the board production line has been activated, and Semikron has several first-tier cities in China, set up offices.

TPS65021RHAR Suppliers

Crazy moment was still suffering from the throes of the polysilicon industry, another new area - the capital of thin film solar has begun to be sought after. March 19, a 1.2 billion cost of amorphous silicon thin film solar production base in Sichuan Province, Chengdu Shuangliu County Foundation. "Compared to polysilicon, the latter in terms of cost, technology, environmental protection and TPS65021RHAR Suppliers and other aspects of advantage", yesterday (March 4), Chengdu Xu Double Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Asahi double solar) Vice Minister Cheng Daozhen manufacture of "every Japanese Economic News ", told reporters that in accordance with the Groups plans to double production base put into operation at the end of the year. However, the thin-film solar polysilicon will be the next? Despite the mixed views on this, but according to a press statistics, there are many enterprises plan to invest a total of 23 billion yuan in Sichuan construction of production lines.

TPS65021RHAR Price

599 to the market brought a great shock, in the end with nothing to sell SOYO C61P 599? flash Longkuang unbeaten super 3.6G is a selling point! we all know, overclocking is to build skills in the work on the materials used today to Let us look at Soyo C61P unique in the workmanship. Big board design! Market that C61 is the big board with? Large plate with a better electrical compatibility, wiring space more comfortable and TPS65021RHAR Price and therefore have a better overclocking Soyo C61P !

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