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Face of indifference or even my bad attitude with a fierce, but he still insists that the slight smile, perhaps because the eyes of faith, do not know why, maybe a bit touched by his indifference. Out of curiosity MP4, off the machine, set the auto pairing the headphones, and IC TPS7148QD and pretty soon, marvelously inside the headset came bright melody. It turned out that this is "Fei Diou." Trace of FM radio transmission over a song after another English song, the melody light. Weekdays at himself in Hong Kong often listen to some pop music, when listening to these light little rock the Western happy, suddenly a kind of fresh flavor, involuntarily listening to a song a go. Although not too understand the words convey his ideas, and easy to tune most of the people the feeling of relief and positive, just like bathing in the warm early morning sunshine, a little intoxicated. I do not know why, mixed with anger, sadness, homesickness dissipation of the complex emotions unconsciously. Although the music is played from their own headphones, but I understand that this is his sharing through wireless, which is common in the same channel in the listening, he makes me feel the sun, seems a bit cold heart warmth, which may be linked to his mouth that "Fei Diou" role bar. She listens to, can not help but steal the look of him, that he looked over, did not he have been looked at me, do not know, except that he expose that once the warm smile, I do not know why the heart, startled, flew back to so far as to dare look at him. Suddenly, the phone rang in his pocket, I set the alarm clock, the task of learning tips at the back. Took a deep breath, the mood really down in the comfortable sharing, but, I did not the courage to say goodbye to him, but to stand up and turn around and go with the cold disguise from themselves. That time wireless access, left me the first time since school is not alone memories. This is not lonely in Fei Diou from our common wireless headphones to listen to, remember his share of the sun through the wireless, remember that warm smile fat boy, but also remember the "Fei Diou" This lovely name. So that the next encounter, almost put his name as "Fei Diou", perhaps this is the fate of it, remember the first encounter of the taste and feel.

TPS7148QD Suppliers

the PSION GSM mobile phone modem speed when 9600bps (actually also a GSM PCS network PCS is a GSM1800), really a little slow. But when it is connected to the normal telephone network, the speed of up to 56Kbps! and TPS7148QD Suppliers and PSION modem can also be connected to the international recognition telephone network-PTT (PostalTelegraphandTelephone), so the modem can PSION Nineteen countries use up to! the price is just £ 54 fiver (approximately $ 648 million), serious value .

TPS7148QD Price

SAN FRANCISCO today specifically went to the mall that never sleeps near the Shanghai Railway Station backgammon distributors, interviews, general manager of Shanghai Shantou Electronics Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu Zhongyang. Let's close contact with, this effort to product quality and TPS7148QD Price and customer service companies do what is best.

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