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New Triac particularly suitable for the following application areas: general motor control devices, such as vacuum cleaners, washing machine drum motors and IC TPS7201QDR and industrial drives; high temperature The motor control devices, such as rice cookers, oven, cooker and coffee machine; in printed circuit board to achieve higher power density; heater and high-power motor control. New Triac can replace the ambient temperature is too high in a closed installation ordinary Triac.

TPS7201QDR Suppliers

NXP Semiconductors (NXP SemicONductors) today announced the launch of MPT612, it is only for the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells or fuel cells provide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of the low-power integrated circuits. MPT612 ICs patent-pending MPPT algorithm can be used in solar battery charge controller, inverter distributed MPPT and TPS7201QDR Suppliers and miniature applications such as to achieve efficient energy extraction of 98%.

TPS7201QDR Price

Pointed out that the semiconductor industry, we look at TSMC, UMC coded the direction of capital spending, is the focus of 40/45 nm, TSMC actively expanding the Fab12 4 to 40 nanometer production capacity, while orders in terms of 65nm also continued to increase, it plans to add 65-nanometer production process, the more different is that TSMC 40-nm front-end in addition to expanding their production process, but also will provide customers with 40-nm BEOL full range of services. Therefore, the front and TPS7201QDR Price and back section of the manufacturing process will have a substantial investment.

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