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Production of polysilicon demand is expected to be 2 times around the world, the production of LCD screen is also much more than market demand, the state has limited the two industries continue to expand. Then the LED will repeat it? Some analysts believe, LED huge market space, the current production capacity from 3 to 5 years of the next term, is not enough, but does that mean as long as in the LED production will be able to profit it? Of course the answer is no. Analysts currently the LED of the Warring States Period, fight warlords, not all in the LED industry, the company will embark on the broad road, the pie may be the next trap.

TPS73601DBVR Suppliers

2008, the sudden earthquake and TPS73601DBVR Suppliers and swept around the world financial crisis, to every employees mind Webber left a lingering haze. But Webbers performance has forced all the people who know them spontaneously Qijing, disasters and difficulties in front of Webber who did not flinch, but the courage to face the crisis. In 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao at the national political conference on an important proposition: "confidence is more important than gold." Yes, in fact more serious than the crisis is fear itself. During the interview, the reporter from the given element Nguyen cordial hearty laughter, felt his courage to face the crisis of confidence and always full of strategizing.

TPS73601DBVR Price

At 1:00 p.m. on March 16 2008, "the headset all the altar" in Zhongguancun Electronics Logistics was established in Hong Kong held a Level 6, 6 years will be the first audio-visual users. Thinking Group as JBL, Etymotic (Etymotic), UE (the body of the United States) of three world-class brand headset distributor in Asia Pacific to A-level sponsorship to attend the event, and TPS73601DBVR Price and brought the three brands The dozens of headsets, Love to all music lovers.

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