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Micron Technology, Inc. (Micron) started in Xian today announced a new manufacturing plant. The plant is Microns first manufacturing facility in China, it is mainly responsible for production of DRAM, NAND flash memory and IC TPS76301DBVR and CMOS image sensors, including semiconductor assembly and test. Therefore, Microns Xian facility held a dedication ceremony, attended the ceremony were government officials and industry representatives. The plant is expected to be fully completed in late 2008, the total investment will reach 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, required more than 2,000 employees. The plant is Microns second in Asia, packaging and testing plant, its first assembly and test plant in 1998 and began operations in Singapore. Meanwhile, Microns Xian facility in Xian High-tech Industrial Development Zone, more than the 860 largest foreign investment projects. Microns global president and CEO Steve Appleton (Steve Appleton) said: "Micron will be of special application products and value-added professional services and work closely with leading manufacturing processes to help clients face with confidence global competition. By opening this facility in Xian, we will provide customers and partners to design applications to provide better service, support and quality. In short, we are honored to work with the China technology industry flourish. "Micron entered in 2001 China office in Xiamen. In 2004, Micron Micron Semiconductor in Shanghai (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., currently has about 60 employees and branch offices in Beijing and Shenzhen, China for the entire range of customer support and services. In the same year, Micron IC design will be selected as the center of Shanghai is one, and the establishment of Micron Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the company has about 50 employees, Micron has become the service in Asia, mobile phones and consumer electronics manufacturers providers network hub.

TPS76301DBVR Suppliers

LED Lighting market is still part of the outlaws, cheating suppliers, materials, finished products supplier fraud to sell low-priced products is not normal for cash. A small number of LED lighting manufacturers to unrealistic promises deceive dealers and TPS76301DBVR Suppliers and users, and then continue to change the firm or person in charge of the trick to avoid responsibility. Also the launch of Galileo is the industrys first high-speed high-resolution DUV measurement equipment, can be used for resolution up to 0.1%, while the high resolution and no to detect the speed of the cost, it can be completed within 20 minutes more than 1,000 sample points of measurement.

TPS76301DBVR Price

oxus company engineers, according to said super capacitor is a good complement environmentally friendly energy, to make batteries, fuel cells, solar or wind power and TPS76301DBVR Price and other power supply more perfect. At the same time that the production of materials used in capacitors are also very environmentally friendly, the price is relatively easy part is acceptable. Infineons automotive, industrial and multi-Peter Bauer, head of market operations, said: "Through this collaboration, Infineon play to its own manufacturing IP value to obtain a new volume manufacturing partner, and strengthens our long-term working relationship between partners. "

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