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TPS77533D Suppliers

Linear Technology Corporation (LinearTechnologyCorporation) introduction of dual current mode PWM step-down DC / DC Converter LT3510, the device has two internal 2.5A power switch. Each channel can provide up to 88% efficiency up to 2A of continuous output current. Independent of the input voltage for each channel, feedback, soft-start and TPS77533D Suppliers and power good pins simplify complex power supply tracking and sequencing requirements. LT3510s wide input range of 3.3V to 25V makes it ideal for regulating different types of power, including 5V and 12V rails, unregulated wall transformers, lead acid batteries and distributed power. 250kHz to 1.5MHz users within the LT3510s switching frequency of programming, resulting in between efficiency and external component size to achieve the best balance. LT3510s converters are synchronized to an external clock input or internal oscillator, and the channel phase shift between 180o to reduce voltage ripple and input capacitor size. The internal 0.80V reference enables sub 1V output voltages, which is the latest generation of DSP and microcontroller power supply voltage required. Between the output of independent, sequential, ratiometric or absolute tracking is easily achieved. Low dropout internal switch duty cycle of up to 95%, while the internal by-cycle current limit provides protection against shorted outputs. Low current (<10uA) shutdown extends the operating time of battery-powered systems. Thermally enhanced TSSOP-20 package LT3510EFE are also available. There are "I" grade temperature version of the LT3510IFE. 1,000-piece quantities, respectively, per piece from $ 3.25 and $ 3.90. Performance Summary: Wide Input Range: 3.3V to 25V with 2A output capability of the two switching regulator power supply for each regulator independent of 250kHz to 1.5MHz Adjustable / fixed frequency synchronous output reverse parallel output switching independent, sequential, ratiometric or absolute tracking is independent soft-start and power good pins enhanced short circuit protection Low Dropout: 95% maximum duty cycle is small shutdown current: <10uA exposed lead frame with a 20-lead TSSOP package

TPS77533D Price

Legend of the team we think the industry itself is quite understandable. But after that acquisition can not let the Chinese people to serve as CEO, although Yangs business feel good, the combat experience in the domestic market is also very rich, but after going abroad to face the international market, particularly the composition of the team, half of the international team. Lenovo was 2 million, 1 million Chinese, 10 000 international personalities. In this case as if the Chinese CEO, international markets will continue to recognize the brand Thinkpad?

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