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Ic TPS793475DBVR

A, G series chipsets with a new fifth-generation integrated graphics, support for DX10 and IC TPS793475DBVR and Intel® definition video technology. Thus significantly improve 3D performance, and support native HDDVD * and Blu-Ray * HD hardware acceleration. The G45 chipset as an example, G45 is used in IntelGMAX4500HD, with 3 times the Intel® G33 chipset, and 1.7 times higher than the Intel® G35 chipset, the 3D performance and support native HDDVD * and Blu -Ray * HD content playback with full rate of MPEG2/VC-1/H.264 full hardware acceleration.

TPS793475DBVR Suppliers

feature complete current sensing solution; 0.6 V internal voltage reference; built-in open-drain comparator; comparator with latch function; common-mode voltage range: - 16 V to + 80 V; accuracy: temperature, the maximum error of 3.5% lead; Bandwidth: 500kHz (INA200); quiescent current: 1,800? A (max); package : SO-8, MSOP-8; application; notebook computers; cell phones; telecommunications equipment; car system; power management; battery charger; welding equipment.

TPS793475DBVR Price

Currently, the Chinese TV company's vertical integration across the mill, panels extend to the downstream industry chain, it is for the consumer electronics features into account, integration with the end product a more closely related to industry type, the previous state of the industry standard, integrated into a personalized industry cluster. Perhaps in this way to produce the product, from the standard model theory, as produced by the cheap. But now people are buying LCD TV consumption habits of view, the price is no longer the sole criterion for deciding whether to buy. Perhaps in this period, industry consolidation in this mode of operation, it is the Chinese display industry to reinvent yourself, compete with international giants, the opportunity to regain the advantage.

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