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Ic TS555ID

Projected capacitive technology are independent of each other with 2 layers of electric field, and IC TS555ID and the XY axis of the diamond shape cross covered surface contact when the finger touch will trigger changes in capacitance of the block, scanning capacitance changes in the distribution of XY axis, calculate the location of a finger. Projected capacitive technology can be applied to multi-finger touch is Apple's iPhone and iPod use patterns. Synaptics and the main patent is in the hands of SITA. For small size (4.3 inches or less) touch screen, 10-inch technology R & D which still.

TS555ID Suppliers

new product success will control the laser head of the analog signal processing of digital data modulation and TS555ID Suppliers and demodulation and error correction processing circuit also use the same digital technology, the worlds first chip originally required to complete two Blu-ray functions into a single chip. So let the user use the product CD-ROM devices significantly reduce the required number of components production, thereby reducing overall system cost.

TS555ID Price

Recall that first brought news of ZMP is the time in January, why only now released, we do not know, Creative has said nothing about it. At that time, the player is also considerable attention, but now ordinary men already had. Now: Apple, iRiver, Gateway, RCA, and TS555ID Price and Samsung have already occupied their hard color player market, MicroPhoto, how itself?, Of course, 8gb is indeed a bright spot, but many players in the off Ying, really difficult. However, at least in FM radio that can replace the battery, and the OLED screen is a good selling point.

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