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From the specification point of view, the important MSI P41T-C33 or the low-end face of the user base of home users and IC TS5A3357DCUR and Internet cafe users. APS so the board has the dynamic energy-saving technology, easy switching technology and ease of overclocking BIOS recovery technology

TS5A3357DCUR Suppliers

STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced two new mini with 3mm × 3mm μTFBGA25 6 package level shifters, new products for connecting mobile phones 1.8V or 2.5V and TS5A3357DCUR Suppliers and 3.3V signal levels of the plug-in memory card. ST6G3238E with ESD protection circuit can be implemented on the memory card interface, the highest 8kV of ESD protection, allowing the memory card directly into the external memory slot. According to reports, the card side are integrated on each input pin of a 40-ohm series resistor to suppress EMI (electromagnetic interference) noise, and card detection and write protect input pin is equipped with on-chip pull-up resistor. Microprocessor port ESD discharge protection 2kV. Both products are said to be the first mobile phone and the relevant market level converter chip solution. The small size and large capacity memory cards such as SD, Mini-SD and MMC is a cell phone, PDA, set-top boxes, and common functions. The new ST6G3238E is a compact, high-speed, low-cost external memory interface solutions, containing contact discharge ESD protection and card detection. 2.3V/3.0V level translation maximum propagation delay 4.4ns, the interface on each side of the maximum quiescent current 20μA. The new level converter from the command line control, with the clock signal synchronization to support different voltage systems up to 3 +1 two-way asynchronous communication of data. When off, the chip provides input / output protection. ST6G3238E production is now being used for the μTFBGA25 0.5mm ball pitch package. Order 10,000, priced $ 0.90.

TS5A3357DCUR Price

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