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China Taiwan LCD panel industry sources said that in the global LCD panel market, including 32 inches, including some of the most popular LCD panel prices have been reduced to close to the manufacturing cost, before the fourth quarter of this year, the panel prices may continue to fall, resulting in panel makers losing money. According to DisplaySearch Monitor provides professional investigative agency quoted the panel, this years second half of July, the most popular 32-inch LCD TV panel prices have dropped to $ 285, the first half of July, down more than 13 dollars. Industry sources pointed out that three quarters of this year, the worlds leading manufacturer of LCD panels for 32-inch panels, the average manufacturing cost of about $ 260. If the current price trends continue, before the fourth quarter of this year, 32-inch LCD panel prices may fall below the cost of panel manufacturing. Survey shows companies offer, in July, in the second half, 42-inch full HD TV panel prices dropped to $ 505, compared with the first half of July, down 5 dollars. Sources pointed out that three quarters of the main panel 42-inch TV panel manufacturer, manufacturing cost of $ 490. The panel is likely to fall below the cost of panel manufacturing. LCD panel prices down in order to avoid the current panel makers have lowered the panel production line capacity. The source explained that because of increased seasonal demand, panel prices dropped in August this year, the pace will slow down. But this year after the end of the Christmas holiday season, panel makers will once again face new price pressures.

TS972IPT Suppliers

Fuzhou Rockchip distributors choose more features, strong side of its business director, told reporters, as the core product is the Swiss master IC, requires distributors made solutions, so they put distributor as a primary factor in technological development capability, and TS972IPT Suppliers and now they are basically designed distributors oriented companies, such as research subjects, Yu-pin, Zhongshan and other intellectual day.

TS972IPT Price

"If you do not want to come into production is the business losses of the day, it must have a core technology." Wu Yiqing members of the province to seize the new industry, energy companies must take the high ground. "In 2009, by the financial crisis, many of the solar cell assembly of the reason why small businesses will soon be eliminated, because they do not have the core technology." Han Zhanshan representative said, "There is no core competence is not long to do, otherwise and TS972IPT Price and the OEM to do Nike shoes is no different. "" For example, permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine with different techniques such as line, not to direct drive in Europe, mainly due to lack of rare earth materials, China has rich rare earth resources, the use of rare earth direct-drive permanent magnet material development technology has unique advantages, and if we can have a breakthrough in this area, to occupy the industry high-end. "Wu Yiqing member said. "Xingtai City has to develop special support policies, and Southeast University to establish a joint research center, and Wuhan University of Technology established the mechanism for promoting the industrialization of production and research." Fruit from Xingtai City, JIANG De representatives told reporters, led by the Southeast University, Academician Zhang Yaoming The concentrating photovoltaic demonstration project and CAS Academician Wen Lishi led BIPV demonstration project will start construction in Xingtai.

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