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Ic TSA5522T

Face Recognition in the country is considered to be "the morning sun at eight or nine", to get consumers and IC TSA5522T and manufacturers to accept this new technology, yet to be further popularized. This requires not only to provide a sound Hanwang package of product solutions, but also by all means, promote the work of popularizing a new habits and ways of life.

TSA5522T Suppliers

In addition, HW With leading-edge technology, first to develop our own intellectual property face recognition system boot. This system not only provides the domestic industry in the field of technical standards, but also shoulder the great nurturing any new market sectors. As early as the beginning of the successful launch of Kingship would have complete independent intellectual property rights HW face recognition system. Han Wang Xudong Jian, vice president, boldly predicted that the future of the extensive use of 3G phones will face boot technology to replace the currently used encryption software for all mobile phones. As an industry rule-makers, Hanwang Technology wants to use face recognition systems, in mobile phones to open up one of their own blue ocean market.

TSA5522T Price

Hanwang handwriting dual-core technology, is a new handwriting recognition, and TSA5522T Price and split the core technology to provide users with more efficient, natural means of entry, with a strong ability to adapt the characteristics of a higher recognition rate, especially for the line , cursive, and the inverted insert document recognition with excellent results to avoid repeated user input during the handwriting input method switches the inconvenience, but also to avoid to wait for each write a word recognition results, and then the trouble of writing a follow-up. The technology currently supports GB2312 and GBK character set. The phrase line identification technology, is an automatic identification of Chinese, English, numbers and punctuation mixed sentence of new technology means the entire line, with a high recognition rate, recognition speed and ease of use and so on. Currently, HW The two technology has been successfully applied to the Nokia S60 series phones.

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