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ccording to reports, by the Eastern integration - national platform sales Agilent Agilent U3400 series includes 4 and IC TSB41AB1PAP and 5 for the resolution of the U3401A and U3402A, not only have strong long-lasting reliability, but also includes the following features: Up to 119,999 count resolution, up to 0.012% basic DCV accuracy, the basic measurement of 11 and 6 built-in math functions, high brightness VFD dual display, an optional variable-speed measurement resolution, Kensington security lock slot. Both elegant and sophisticated digital multimeter to meet a variety of teaching, electronics, and communications applications, especially in 3G applications began to move toward in-depth today, U3400 Series is come in handy to help customers reduce design testing or equipment maintenance cycles, reducing time to market, thus speeding up the fourth quarter, the pace of development of electronic information industry.

TSB41AB1PAP Suppliers

PageNext>Oriental integration and TSB41AB1PAP Suppliers and Agilent Technologies work together to build a new generation of digital multimeter U3400 Series of the total sales of platform products are also fully embodies these characteristics. As to meet the basic needs of users daily digital multimeter, Agilent U3400 series with its new features and high price, and excellent after-sales technical support to win the majority of users. In particular the integration of the powerful East sales and service network more by the new and old users alike, in the shortest possible period of time to spend testing equipment.


Comments: With the effects of domestic policies continue to show gradual recovery in the global economy, Chinas electronic information industry production growth continues to rise, the acceleration of network convergence, telecom operators increased the number of custom terminals, but also to household appliances, computers and TSB41AB1PAP Price and communications industry has brought new opportunities, these are the basic testing requirements for the creation of the conditions of growth.

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