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Ic TUA6020

Three Connaught N-35G Speaker System 2.0 Speaker Active Passive Active Power Rating (W) 76 N ratio ≥ 90dB Frequency response 60Hz-20KHz functional adjustment potentiometer knob to adjust the volume, bass, treble adjustable speakers 5.25-inch bass unit × 2 1.25 × 2 treble speakers size 182 × 222 × 285mm Speaker weight of all wood materials 9Kg Speaker

TUA6020 Suppliers

"At present, for capacitive touch screen, the cost of the most expensive devices are ITO sensor, which has become the bottleneck of the touch screen prices down." Chen Yuan pointed out that "when the sensor into a true multi-source, Commodity product, the price will soon touch down. "He also noted that another trend, that is, capacitor controller integrated with the FTF trend," touch controller, driver IC and TUA6020 Suppliers and TFT integration must be a demand, not only can solve the problem of the appearance, but also because of one-stop service, reduce intermediate links, the capacitive touch screen prices down. "He" International Electronic Business, "said, Synaptics is efforts in this area, I believe, after 9-12 months, technology will have a lot of progress. "We also have driver IC." He stressed in particular because in many peoples eyes, Synaptics touch the Lord is to provide IC. relative to the back-end integration by way of Synaptics want to reduce the cost of the touch screen, Leadis (Leadis) is used another way to reduce costs.

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Spring Festival, we are about to usher in the first women's festival is dedicated March Eighth International Women's Day. Men can not miss this festival Oh, is that you have in mind, let her feel the best time easily. Flowers, Tai Su; send diamonds, unbearable. To send in his mind what to do? Here, we recommend a gift especially for you, "her" perfect match manners, so you're not embarrassed.

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