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Ic TUA6034T

NVIDIA 8800GT latest generation of DX10 graphics cards released in the market a comprehensive, high-end market is fiercely competitive, sometimes smoke everywhere, 8800GT graphics card for its price and IC TUA6034T and performance advantages obtained the approval of the player. As the graphics industry veteran manufacturers XFX XFX has released the first time out of three different frequencies 8800GT graphics card, and XFX XFX graphics performance with the advantage on high-end market, set off in a gust of strong wind.

TUA6034T Suppliers

"Touch screen mobile phone in the overall mobile phone sales accounted for a large proportion is unlikely to bring significant impact to the margins, because in the end manufacturers are forced to cut prices to attract more consumers," Hanwha Securities Analysis Division SeoDo-won said.

TUA6034T Price

Regarding the effectiveness of the broadcast output. In addition to the extremely expensive price than Blu-ray DVD, ordinary DVD decoding and TUA6034T Price and output effects in general are generally D1? (D1: 480i format: 720 × 480 (480 horizontal lines, interlaced scan)), and the current hard disk player, to the patriotic Jia Jia, who's new to see P8120S of view, the use of digital decoder chip AMLGIC8613 basically can decode the output of 1280 * 576, and its components have reached resolution of 720P (720p format): 1280 × 720 ( level of 720 lines, progressive scan)), which has reached the standard definition of high-definition, so that the high-definition output. From the display point of view hard disk player has to be more than a DVD decoding and output levels. Another hard disk player is now in the player has reached 1080P HD decoding and output (1920 * 1080) (the highest civil standard definition video resolution of 1920 × 1080P/60Hz, line frequency is 67.5KHZ), It is understood, the use of Latest SigmaDesigns8635 chip high-definition player the Patriots can not complete the decoding and output 1080P, but also uses the latest audio decoding, video and audio to do the most perfect match. These are the DVD could not be realized.

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