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Ic TXC-02302-BIPL

OPC power control technology. Sony DRU 800A Series also features excellent "OPC & ROPC real-time power control technology." As DVD recorders are compatible with a variety of smooth disc formats, and IC TXC-02302-BIPL and different disc recording media using different information and different media for different temperature, laser wavelength and the sensitivity of different performance. Sony through continuous testing, can be ideal for each type of media, the laser energy parameters, and introduced the OPC technology. OPC power control technology, can make the recorder adjusted according to the different nature of the best medium for the laser output power, the laser power to ensure the best in the media on the record, to prevent too high or too low laser power output, resulting in burn to fail. ROPC (Running Optimum Power Control), manufacturers have called WOPC (Walking Optimum Power Calibration), is a real-time energy control technology, you can always monitor the laser energy reflected from the highest and lowest points in the normal range during the burn on the dynamic adjustment of the laser beam power to ensure stability in the burning process and burn a CD good readability.

TXC-02302-BIPL Suppliers

Upstream manufacturers domestic plant expansion, construction of frequent movement from south to north, one of the busy scene. Xiao Bian learned from the foreign media, foreign manufacturers are pitching in the original, Cree, ilumisys, Bridgelux are starting to build new plant in the United States. Abroad will end this round of the domestic construction movement is still unclear what impact, but it is beyond doubt that the upstream battle is more and TXC-02302-BIPL Suppliers and more concentrated the smell of gunpowder Erque. Cree has announced the North Carolina Research Triangle Park (RTP: ResearchTrianglePark), a 150-mmLED build a wafer fabrication plant, and 2013, will increase to more than 250 of its employees.

TXC-02302-BIPL Price

Day I was late for work, and TXC-02302-BIPL Price and also my colleagues commented on the issue of clothing for a long time, but it is very willing. Because this dress, because Fei Diou technology, which factors unrelated to a sweet romantic confession be revealed to each other by rank in the communication of love, so that I can share the joy she has been wonderful to share.

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