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Ic U3741BM

Maxim launched with limiting the overvoltage protection (OVP): MAX4978-MAX4981. 5.7V and IC U3741BM and 6.8V devices with optional threshold for low-voltage systems against voltage faults up to 28V protection. 0.9A and 1.95A with an optional current limiter threshold can provide secondary protection devices. The OVP protection of portable devices designed to charge the input port, a cellular phone, MP3 players, digital cameras (DSC) and an ideal choice for PDA and other devices.

U3741BM Suppliers

According to the China Machinery Industry Federation of Machinery Industry Monitoring Center, according to the statistics show that urban and U3741BM Suppliers and rural power grids driven by the domestic electric instrument market is undergoing a series of changes. Analysis of domestic market demand electrical instrumentation very wide range of product applications, the power sector is the electrical instrumentation products, the largest users. Electricity supplies from the departments report pointed out: At present, the energy measurement instrumentation and systems, the user needs to 86 series-based induction meter, electronic energy meter (mainly single-phase) of the demand is expected to be large up space. Market demand for precision meter will tend to shrink, the demand for portable meter will decrease. The requirements of the product mainly concentrated in the instrument appearance, structure design, and expand applications and improve the reliability and so on. Focus on the development of digital instrumentation is to improve reliability. Demand forecasts and price movements of electrical current domestic production capacity instrument has a serious surplus of the whole industry in a low-profit status. However, some high-tech products (such as electronic power meters, etc.) and cost-effective compared with the old product will have a significant competitive advantage. Data show that in the next few years, the domestic market for electrical instrumentation products, annual demand will remain at 60 million pieces (sets) around. Among them, the power sector needs 54 million pieces (sets), other departments need 600 million units (sets). From the product structure, product demand meter 48 million units, install power meter product demand 700 million units, demand for portable meter 250 million units, demand for 150 million units of digital instruments, other instruments need 100 million units. Demand for various products is also changing the structure, energy meter electronic products will gradually increase the proportion of energy meter, from the "fifth" to the beginning of the end of the expected 200 million units up to 1200 million units.

U3741BM Price

Is the first choice of graphics cards, has been completely detached the general understanding of Internet cafes with a graphics card, direct selection of the performance level of non-polar 2GTX260 Taurus version of the product, is a high-end products priced at 1299 yuan. Optional products back across the first application of the Leap, though, such as Internet cafes over the years is "CS", "Warcraft", "World of Warcraft" and U3741BM Price and other traditional games rule, but after all these games so popular long, the player has produced some of their fatigue. So some of the new higher-quality game graphics continue to be introduced into the game cafes

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