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Current market trend is more and IC UA741MJG and more difficult to grasp, so many consumers are always in a wait state, and that the manufacturers do not want to see, so they strive to make their products more convincing force, more stylish. Especially those who have purchased a home theater system, users will have a more profound grasp of fashion experience. Because manufacturers are constantly introducing new products, it is possible to buy the equipment yesterday morning has been replaced by a new generation of products. Many users are keen to upgrade the original, but the fast update rate who will feel bored. But the good news is, Denon companies now launched their new killer - top A / V receivers AVR-5800, will allow the user out of embarrassment. Most of the A / V receivers always require users to obtain the four subwoofer surround sound, but the Denon companies now need only one to fully get. Because the AVR-5800 can identify a variety of surround modes, can automatically adjust the output mode, allowing users to get the best listening experience. AVR-5800 is priced at 3,800 dollars, and some other top receivers compared to more expensive. But is this the extra few hundred dollars not only allows the user to get the latest DTS surround sound system DiscreteSurroundES, and users can also get the coolest remote control system RC-8000. The RC-8000 of the single price as high as $ 630! (Including remote control, RF conversion system and charger) 4 pages. 12348 :

UA741MJG Suppliers

TSMC recently revealed, 40nm technology wafer defect density has been reduced from 0.3-0.4 per square inch to 0.1-0.3, but the news that enhance the overall yield in the short term is still unable to meet the market demand, after all, AMD, NVIDIA have already stopped under the old single-chip technology, a comprehensive shift 40nm.

UA741MJG Price

Recently I learned that the world's leading display manufacturer NEC is about to launch a "discount thousand dollars, Longguan for LCD," the visual upgrades, the action for a period one month, from July 30 to August 31 , a nationwide popular NTSC91% color gamut, I believe that many critical of professional display activities users will feel a trace from this summer's cool. During the event, use the "Trinitron" and UA741MJG Price and "Zuanshi Long" CRT Longguan users, such as the Long Guan normal use the display can still can be a discount of 1,000 yuan to buy NECLCD2690WUXi new machine.

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