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Ic UAB-M3057-HTV3.3

(Electronic markets Reuters) Shanghai Hua Hong (Group) Co., Ltd. capacity utilization in the worlds ten largest chip foundry business has occupied the first place, and IC UAB-M3057-HTV3.3 and has begun to the worlds most advanced smart card technology to provide chip French companies. This marked the largest investment in the electronics industry in the history of the national project "909" project of 10 years hard Give. 90s of last century, the integrated circuit industry as a national economic development and national security the basic strategic industries, the rapid development in the developed countries and regions. China was the world IC yield and sales account for only 0.3% and 0.2%, lagging behind the U.S. level of technology, at 15 years. In 1996, the central and Shanghai to invest 4.87 billion, launched the countrys largest integrated circuit project - "909" project, with Shanghai Hua Hong Group is the main business, and NEC of Japan built the first co-8-inch IC production line established chip design companies, integrated circuit technology research and development center, established window company, and the U.S. systems integration, sales and venture capital company, after 10 years of effort, greatly reducing the integrated circuit industry in China with the international advanced level. In Huahong "909" demonstration project, the foreign companies have to manufacture integrated circuits into China, bringing unprecedented prosperity of Chinas IC industry. The end of 2004, the National Yi Jian He Zai Jian IC 8-inch line 20, 12-inch line 1, a total investment of more than 100 million. 2000 to 2004, Chinas IC industry has grown 3 times the share in the world from 1.2% to 3.7%, Chinas IC industry has become the worlds fastest-growing regions.

UAB-M3057-HTV3.3 Suppliers

Polysilicon into industry-loss in less than a year, the highest price of polysilicon begins with nearly 500 U.S. dollars / kg fell to 50 U.S. dollars / kg, after more than half a year of consolidation after in dire straits in the polysilicon industry, companies have not looked forward to the spring. "New Years polysilicon prices have fallen below 50 dollars / kg, and UAB-M3057-HTV3.3 Suppliers and now we are at a loss." Yesterday, a well-known polysilicon plant in Sichuan Vice President on the phone told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, manufacturers of polysilicon production in Sichuan scale, technology, the majority of manufacturers cost of production higher than 50 U.S. dollars / kg, "Now this situation, how can we do? Only boil, find ways to reduce costs!"

UAB-M3057-HTV3.3 Price

A proposition for an innovative conference runs through the audience: Penguin, monkeys and UAB-M3057-HTV3.3 Price and an eagle, if you choose one of them as a working partner, you will choose? Organizers prepared a three-paragraph do not a conception of the video: Antarctic penguins pace or jump into the water to see snow in the land and sea views; monkeys in the jungle, the shuttle, see the birds singing and

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