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Ic UBA1702T

First, silver zinc battery capacity than the same volume of lithium-iron batteries are much higher, in fact, with the same volume of lithium-iron battery, laptop batteries using silver-zinc battery life can be increased by 40%. That is, if the current lithium-iron battery with a laptop can run 2 hours, then for a silver-zinc batteries, the life will be close to 3 hours.

UBA1702T Suppliers

Recently, the "Made in Wuhan, famous special new" as the theme of new products in Wuhan famous special (Chengdu) Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Fair"), opened in Changchun and UBA1702T Suppliers and Chengdu. The trade fair has set up the image of Wuhan, Wuhan China Optical Valley, Wuhan, China, cars, food, textiles and garments, light industry and other daily six galleries, have been well-known enterprises from many areas of support. As a leading enterprise IT representatives, the world renowned brand of display devices AOC, bring its numerous LCD monitors, LCD TVs and computer fairs one product appearance, showing a display area of the level of innovation and development of high-tech status of a trade fair in the current a highlight. AOC has always been "good faith" based, strength through superior products and business model, rapid growth in recent years become a leading display industry predators, but also through an active part in public service has won a good reputation in their own development, but also to promote display industry healthy development, promote social and economic contribution made a smooth transition.

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display equipment market, the current look in 2008 is expected to achieve 34% growth, according to VLSI company expects will occur in 2009 45% decline. VLSI company that with the decline in demand for flat-panel TV market, sales of display devices will also be getting into the downturn.

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