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BYD "iron power" is actually an iron battery. Current international research and IC UBA2013T and development of iron batteries are mainly two kinds: one is a high-iron battery, which is based on ferrate as electrode materials and electrochemical cells produced water, with energy density, small size, light weight, long life , no pollution; a lithium iron battery, lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly open-circuit voltage at 1.78v-1.83v, working voltage 1.2v-1.5v, the battery than other high-0.2-04.v, and discharge stable, non-polluting, safe, good performance, mainly used in digital cameras, MP3, digital display equipment and other appliances. BYD in lithium iron battery technology has certain advantages. According to reports, BYD Companys "Iron power" is actually a lithium iron battery, the battery voltage of 3.3 volts each, the current 60 amps, the battery charge cycles up to 2000 times more than the length of the battery life of the continuing can be more than 60 million kilometers. Lithium iron battery biggest problem is high cost, there are some difficulties to apply it widely, but the view from the BYD plans, the focus of development in recent years should be reduced "iron power" costs, increase their market may be .

UBA2013T Suppliers

now, including Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, mainland China manufacturers of various types of LED chips are sold in the domestic market. However, due to differences in the product itself, together with the quality, price factors, the market focus is also different.

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Digital photo frame is no longer strange to people, it has become part of the program the digital home, the name of digital, large screen, the slogan of a new era of photo frame, into the millions of households. As early as in 2005, excellent visibility on the launch of the first digital photo frame, how many vendors did not show interest because it has a European style of the "sensitive" concept, this concept is so fierce price war in the Chinese market, seemed so fragile. Therefore, only their new business, "packaging", led to quite a mixed bag digital photo frame market situation has still not popular in the mainland.

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