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Ic UC2846DW

future TV will continue to tend to use more processors for advanced TV video system chip (SoC) solutions, and IC UC2846DW and this term may become a trend in the current "TV media processor." The current trend is to consume more Internet content, and user home network and store the generated Flash content, that is artificial network (sneakernet). The more advanced toward the development trend of television, will promote the field of logic TV-specific standard products (ASSP) based IC expansion, because this chip shipments increase, to support a variety of formats and codecs to provide more high-end video enhancement features. "Business Navigator platform" in the near future will be built automatically from the user chain, you just tell the system you want to sell anything, buy anything, the system will automatically help you find buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for expensive marketing costs.

UC2846DW Suppliers

Jing Cheng, entitled "Biological chip diagnostic technology, "the report said, with the human genome projects successful completion, more and UC2846DW Suppliers and more genomic and proteomic information been used for clinical diagnosis, information analysis tasks to assume these various bio-chip technology continues to emerge. In terms of sample preparation, China is now in the chip functions through a variety of active devices, the various elements of body fluids and cells quickly and efficiently separated to prepare for the next step biochemical reaction. In the biological response to gene amplification on the chip has also been achieved. The microarray chips, there are single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and mutation analysis of the chip, chip, comparative genomic hybridization microarray and other high-density chips, which are used to discover disease-related biomarkers. Integration of various functions of the lab on a chip is also about to enter the industrial stage. "Business Navigator platform" to facilitate the enterprises truly mobile office, wherever, as long as you can connect to the Internet the same as in the office, management companies, devised strategies, winning thousands of miles.

UC2846DW Price

"Business Navigator platform" of the analysis can help decision makers to develop effective operational and UC2846DW Price and management programs; can function the appropriate permissions assigned to the employees to share corporate resources to get the most timely and reasonable manner; You can also help you record the details of the operation of business history, do not worry about staff turnover since brought the loss of client resources.

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