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Ic UC3709N

SE1052 constant features: SE1052 current sensing circuit within an integrated operational amplifier with a precise current control to achieve constant-current and IC UC3709N and over-current protection. The maximum current limit (Ilimit) can be adjusted to set the size of resistance Rsense. Calculated as follows :

UC3709N Suppliers

Given the complexity of these algorithms, modem processor pipeline to be used in applications with superior performance, generally more than 1 Gigabit per second operation (Gops .) However, the use of these devices are generally designed for battery powered mobile devices, it means that the processor must consume very little power (typically no more than hundreds of milliwatts). The use of advanced low power / low leakage current CMOS manufacturing technology will allow the processor limits the maximum clock rate of 300MHz. This clock rate in order to achieve the required Gops performance, the processor must use a high-level parallelism (for example, by the width of the implementation of vector processing).

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April 16, ASUS global optical storage business unit director Mr. Huang Kaili, ASUS optical storage, global business manager Mr. Luo Guojin, global market manager for Optical Storage Asus Miss Pan Yuanyuan and UC3709N Price and Asustek Computer Centre, optical storage products, China Brand Marketing Manager, Ms. Di Xuejing Beijing media with a friend and share the ASUS optical storage technology and follow-up of today's product planning, and talked about the future development trend of optical storage, external ultra-thin products and Blu-ray technology.

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